December 5, 2019 By Lyndon Bell, Colin Ryan

Have you ever noticed that the outfits you thought were so cool when you wore them a decade ago now look weird and maybe a little embarrassing? That's the result of fashion. The fashion industry wants us to get rid of our old clothes so they can sell us new ones by making us believe our old clothes are "out of style."
The auto industry is a lot like the fashion industry that way. That’s why the cool cars of the past — two-door coupes — aren't nearly so popular right now. But before you go "ah, right" and move on to the next group of vehicles, you should know that today's coupes are good-looking, feature-filled, and much more satisfying to drive than the crossover SUVs currently in vogue. If you really want to drive when you drive, think about getting a Coupe. To help you along on this worthwhile quest, here are the best coupes under $30,000.