October 25, 2019 By Carrie Kim, Jack Nerad, Lyndon Bell

The SUV world used to be consist of big, V8-powered behemoths that could tow a boat or trailer without batting an eye. In those days, SUVs were primarily Truck-based, and they used the rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive powertrains that were native to their forefathers.

These days, things have changed markedly. For example, Ford Motor Company, once one of the most prolific suppliers of V8-powered SUVs, currently doesn’t offer a V8-equipped Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition, or Lincoln Navigator. It chooses to approach that market with turbocharged V6 and even four-cylinder powerplants.

But if you are in the market for a traditional SUV with a V8 under the hood, you won’t be disappointed. They offer power aplenty, but that isn’t all — they are also reasonably fuel-efficient for their size and offer superior ride quality. In some ways, today’s V8-powered SUV has become the defacto limousine of choice. For this roundup, we gathered what we believe are the best V8-powered SUVs under $100,000, chosen for their quality, dependability, features, and value per dollar spent.