April 7, 2019 By Carrie Kim, Jason Fogelson, Cheryl Sandoval, Joanna Pinkham

In another age, they might have been called “hatchbacks.” But Americans are infatuated with SUVs right now, so these new subcompact crossover vehicles are called "SUVs." These car-based unibody vehicles have four side doors and a hatchback – er, liftgate. Some have inherited a bit of ruggedness from the SUV side of their parentage, with available all-wheel drive.

The subcompact size makes a lot of sense with the SUV/hatchback body shape, maximizing utility and flexibility, while reducing the vehicle footprint and weight and squeezing out more miles from each gallon of gas. A few offer hybrid gasoline-electric options or even battery-electric powertrains.

Here, in alphabetical order by brand, are the 10 Best Subcompact SUVs for the Money.