When you need a big SUV, you need a big SUV. Environmentalists may throw shade as you drive by, but an eight-seat SUV can be the most efficient way to transport a big family — and may in fact be the best option in many cases. SUVs eclipsed minivans as the vehicle of choice for several reasons.

SUVs tend to be more stylish and refined than minivans. They offer a better view of the road, with an elevated seating position for the front row. SUVs are often available with more powerful engines than minivans, and most eight-seaters are offered with the option of four-wheel drive. SUVs have higher towing capabilities and payload capacities than minivans, and when you fold down the rear seats, they can also handle enormous amounts of cargo. So, if you need an SUV, don’t be shy — choose one of the 10 best eight-seat SUVs.