November 11, 2019 By Carrie Kim, Jack Nerad, Lyndon Bell

Two decades have passed since the American launch of the first modern hybrid cars, yet the technology still seems new. Most Americans have still never even ridden in a hybrid car and, according to recent research by hybrid leader Toyota, many consumers still have giant misconceptions about them. The mistaken idea that they need to be plugged in, for example.
But conventional hybrids don't need to be plugged in. Their batteries are recharged by the onboard gasoline-fueled engine and by energy harnessed when the vehicle brakes or coasts. Their electric power doesn't drive the vehicle most of the time, but it does come into play in propitious moments — pulling away from a stop, at low speeds in a neighborhood, and when the gasoline engine could use an added boost. (You can opt instead, however, for a plug-in hybrid vehicle to achieve additional fuel savings.)

So 20 years in, not only have hybrids proven their worth, but we have also seen hybrid technology migrate into mainstream cars. And that's what we have here, a list of the best hybrid sedans available to mass-market buyers.