Not everyone who needs a little extra versatility in their vehicle needs the hyper-aggressive design cues found in so many contemporary SUVs and crossovers, and the best-looking station wagons provide noticeably stylish alternatives. It’s just that the number of those alternatives is now down to a mere half dozen here in the United States, where the six choices currently expected for the 2016 model year all come from import brands. On the other hand, the very fact that they’re built by premium, Euro-centric automakers means that many of these station wagons do benefit from the same sort of luxury design cues you’d expect in sophisticated upscale sedans, complete with LED lighting, expressive sheet metal and well-thought-out cabins. Yet there’s also a mix of more rugged options, for those who do prefer the tough-love looks of a sport-utility, while some serve up surprisingly sporty performance, too.