December 9, 2019 By Carrie Kim, Jack Nerad, Charles Krome, Lyndon Bell

Oh, how times have changed. Back in the day, the cool kids of the auto industry were the coupes. They were sleek, shiny, and sexy, the most alluring of the various body types that made up the U.S. car market. With just two doors, they had long, low profiles, tidy greenhouses, and big rear “C” pillars. They were the models car designers wanted to pen — their sketchpads were full of them, while sedans and station wagons were viewed as just work. The Concept cars you’d see at auto shows were coupes, and only when they were “productionized” did we see four-door versions. Let’s face it: If cars were characters in movies, the four-door Sedan would be the dull best friend of the hero who never got the girl, while the Coupe was the name-before-the-title kind of star. But now, that has experienced a 180. Four-doors get all the glory, and those few remaining two-door coupes are relegated to supporting roles if not to the dustbin. All that said, there are coupes out there that still sell and are still worthy of note, so rather than write the segment’s obituary, here are 10 best-selling coupes.