No one can deny that the past 10 years have been the decade of the crossover SUV. The sales charts make that case very clearly. But at the very same time, we are living through a golden age of performance. The capabilities of today's top-rated sports cars are the stuff sports car aficionados of the last century could only have dreamed of.
Sure, some track-bred sports racers of the 1960s could top 200 miles per hour on the high banking at Monza. Today you can buy cars that will top 200 miles per hour right off the showroom floor. (Something we advise you not to do, by the way.) Further, the best sports cars of this era aren't just fast in a straight line; they are also able to corner and hold the road in ways that seem almost magical. In this compilation, we have gathered the top-rated sports cars that are the most accessible (that means affordable) to most buyers. Don't expect to top 200 mph in them. You won't need to, because these top-rated sports cars are fun at virtually all speeds.